This is a Side Hustle

A Side Hustle is something you do in your spare time (other than your main job) that brings in extra income and allows you to pursue something you’re interested in or passionate about. My side hustle is ProjectLunchMoney. I love personal finance and want to use this blog as a platform to learn, exchange ideas and write about my journey towards financial independence.

I made a couple of new year resolutions in the beginning of 2017.  One of them was to write a little bit everyday and another was to start a side hustle. This blog is the result (trying to work smarter!). I’m hoping this project keeps me accountable to write and learn more about a topic I enjoy while allowing me to build something and grow my personal wealth.

“Without a goal, you can’t score”. So below are my goals are for projectlunchmoney.

  1. $1 million dollar brokerage balance by January 1st, 2020.
  2. $15k in annual dividend payments by January 1st, 2020.
  3. Turn blog into recurring revenue stream.
  4. Learn more about personal finance and reach financial independence.
  5. Write everyday.

A side hustle is work! Since the inception of this idea, I’ve already missed days of writing and had doubts about whether this is worth my time. I’ve quickly realized the dedication, effort, and work required for this hustle. The biggest factor that will determine the success or failure of this project is the work I put in.

Account at the beginning of March 29th, 2017.